Monday, February 2, 2009

Economic Stimulus -- The Make or Break Week

The economy is continuing its downward slide.

This is the make or break week for the economic stimulus. The momentum is currently on the side of weakening the stimulus, reducing the spending on job creation and increasing less effective tax cuts. We need to change the momentum and show intensity for the stimulus.

The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” will create jobs by doubling the renewable energy capacity, rebuilding roads and bridges, repairing schools, and ensuring states can continue basic services of education, health care, nutrition and unemployment. There is a right-wing campaign to stop the stimulus and we are urging you to take action today to support it.

Call both your senators today. Call 202-224-3121 to reach your senator through the capitol switchboard. Or call 866-544-7573 (toll free – if you get an error message that just means it is busy – keep trying). Keep calling as every call is counted.

The U.S. economy is in a desperate situation after more than two decades of bad management that neglected the crumbling infrastructure, failed to invest in green technology and allowed the de-industrialization of America. More spending will be needed to avert a depression or a prolonged and deep recession but this is a critical first step. The U.S. needs to be thinking about a full-employment act, a national health care plan and a “Manhattan Project” for a new energy economy. The government needs to be investing for urgent needs that will have a multiplier effect right now and also investing longer term in a new economy that will re-industrialize a green energy economy.

Your senators need to hear from you NOW. Contact them today.


  1. Cool, now we can direct people that are interested in seeing what we're about, but feel like they are already on too many email list.

  2. I love that "Manhattan Project" idea.

    Anyone else remember how vitalizing the Space Race was when it began? Or just us refugees of the Jurassic?

    The point is that the economy can be greatly expanded into new areas without reference to the industries that consume wealth to no good purpose....

  3. Thanks for posting this Kevin, although I am still encouraging people to contact Congress and urge members to vote no. The bad in this bill outweighs the good, and I don't think the political manipulation supporting this bill will allow is worth the risk (especially related to coal, nuclear, and a host of other giveaways).

    Anyway, my two cents.