Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to the Congress Watch Talk Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to discuss different ideas for the November 5th (Congress Watch) effort outside of our current list serve. This will allow us to develop policy positions and strategies outside of the list serve so that people who are interested in other topics/issues can gather information, links and have discussions about them while allowing our list serve to remain focused on building our new organization and the current effort to lobby for single-payer health care.

If you would like to become the author of your own blog post just send your email address to You can also just leave a comment here.


Justin Jeffre

Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. Where shall we start? Would it be smartest to set up areas for the major issues we have been discussing.

  2. Feel free to pick any topic and just go for it amigo. The blog belongs to everyone and I hope we generate a lot of discussions and content for the November5th site.

    Pick an issue and let get it rolling. For people that haven't blogged before it will be good for them to see how easy it is.