Monday, February 23, 2009

First things first!

There have been a number of ideas from various folks, I’m losing track, but here is a brain dump I’d like to put forward for consideration for our new organization. This is in no particular order of importance, but just to put as much on the table as possible in order to prioritize and begin moving forward.

People are free to add, and perhaps we can use it as a starting point. Some of these things will need to be put in place before we make announcements to anyone. The sooner we get to work the better.

Would you all be willing to mull this around for a couple days, and agree to a conference call some night this week where we can thrash this out, or at least identify people willing to take on some of the action items that will come from this?

First things first:

1. Mission Statement and clear objectives, rules of engagement.
2. National base, office/staff.
3. Website and web person.
4. Fundraising mechanism.
5. Seed money to get started.
6. Membership?
7. Identify State organizational leaders
8. Alliance organizations
9. Committees

Consensus around the following:

1. Congressional Districts >>>> New Party
2. Build issues around November 5 list? Anyone have a copy of the list?
3. Economy, war, jobs?
4. Address core problems, i.e. Corporations, gov’t, financial institutions – (Constitution/Bill of Rights)
5. Issues at local state levels / contacts.

(Ideas from Liz)


  1. Thanks for posting this, Justin. And thanks to Liz for bringing it up succinctly.

    It is good to move forward definitively now; as long as we do not get bogged down with any one of these components, and maintain our fluidity, we can stop reacting so much and become the proactive entity we are meant to be.

    Beyond healthcare, we have the obvious trillion dollar/nationalization proposal on the way, and we should piggyback and do something on that.

    I will post more thoughts soon.

  2. In my second post on here I put together some thoughts on a possible mission statement that I pulled from some of Kevin Zeese's comments.

    I haven't looked at the November 5th site in a while but I know there some stuff on there.

    I think it would be a good idea for us to write some positions so that whenever they find someone to fill the position in DC they will have some input from the start. We can also make suggestions for the website etc.